Just what can your donation help us do?

Your donations can be directed to specific areas and can make a big difference…     

O General Grant Process – Annual Mini Grants to Teachers*

O The Related Arts* 

O Technology Upgrades*

O Endowment Fund – Where the annual growth is used for grants.


You can donate on our website or make your checks payable to:

South Haven Public Schools Foundation

554 Green St. South Haven, MI 49090

*Mini Grants are awarded on an annual and semi annual basis to teachers or principals. These grants help purchase innovative additions to the classrooms and schools. They help fund field trips as well as teacher training. This will be our 3rd year of awarding these grants, encouraging our teachers to ‘think outside the box’.

*Related Arts (Music, Art, Physical Education) will help often overlooked programs get needed funding. You can help maintain current curriculum goals or depending on the money raised, to achieve their full potential. Our wish is for all our students to benefit from healthy habits, explore a more artistic career if they chose, or just enjoy a more active lifestyle away from video games.  Art:  The Art Department would like to see funding for enhancements in technology, art equipment & field trips.  Band/Orchestra:  We are seeing tremendous growth in band and orchestra and are in need of instruments, uniforms and drum line equipment.  Physical Education:  Where treadmills, elliptical or just regular gym equipment can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle. Something that can have a life time of benefit for our children.

*Technology upgrades are always needed and with the passing of the bond in 2014, students will be seeing many technology upgrades in their school. This new technology will require software upgrades & replacements as we move forward into the future with it.

Your donations can be directed to specific areas and can make a big difference…