Grant recipients send a THANK YOU to the Foundation

Dear South Haven Public Schools Foundation,
I was the very fortunate recipient of one of the generous South Haven Public Schools Foundation grants this past fall. I used the Foundation money to purchase an iPad for my middle school science classroom, which was then added to several more devices, allowing my students quick and easy access to the Internet and educational software applications. A colleague and I were trained this past summer in an exciting pilot program, “Project Based Learning (PBL),” and Lynne Maxwell and I share the electronic devices as our students engage in collaboration, problem solving and creation of solutions to real-world issues. There is not a need for one-to-one computing in most classrooms – certainly not in mine – but the need for adequate student-device ratios is critical. Even one single device can make a difference.
Our first PBL unit challenged 8th grade student teams to offer a solution to the potential Asian Carp invasion of Lake Michigan. The iPads were used for research, solution design, and still picture/videotaping of the final projects and presentations. Teams are currently creating earthquake-resistant structures, using the technology in their research, team prototype design, and videotaping of their structure’s response to the earthquake shake table test. The second semester will hold more opportunity for PBL units, in particular a hydrosphere team challenge to decrease the number of “No Swim Days” at our local beaches due to contamination of the water. 
Our Superintendent, Dr. Herrera, shared a philosophy that our students should not be “powering down” as they walk through our doorways. We need to make use of the technology available and set the banquet table, encouraging the kids to partake of what is necessary to fuel their growing minds. Thank you for the opportunity to set a richer and more enticing table. 
Please feel free to visit and see the difference your Foundation is making in our community.
With grateful thanks,
Cheri Stein
Baseline Middle School
Science Teacher
269-637-0530, ext 2548
Good morning!I wanted to update you on the donation we received last spring in memory of Beverly Sprague Buschmann .  A euphonium has been purchased for the high school band and we are in the process of getting a plaque on it.

Thanks again,


Music Dept.
South Haven Public Schools

January 20, 2014

Dear South Haven Public Schools Foundation Members:

First, please accept my gratitude for the $500 grant to add computer technology to the high school art room; it fulfills a long standing need for my students.

In August I began working with our district technology department to get the computer ordered and it was suggested that I get two tablets instead of one laptop.  In addition to being able to access the internet for research, the tablets are more compact, portable, and double as a camera.  Unfortunately the tablets did not come in until well into November.

Since the tablets have come in students have been using them to do research for their artwork.  They often find images for their art projects online.  It has been especially great for those students who tend to come to class unprepared.  These are the students who need this extra technology support to help them succeed most of all.

Another way my students will use the tablets is in an upcoming Art IV project in which they will be split into two groups; each group will have their own tablet.   Their assignment will be to create a short video in which they explain the creative process in art.  They will cover all of the areas of planning, creating, and evaluating art in their video while explaining it in their own words and using their own art as examples.  This is a first for SouthHavenHigh School art students and I am very excited about it!

Also, students will be using the tablets to photograph their work for portfolios, exhibitions, and contests.  I have registered the students at the Artsonia online art gallery and I hope to have students posting their artwork on this site soon.

Thank you so much for awarding me this grant!  It is greatly enhancing the high school art program.


Lisa Rostar

Art Teacher

South Haven High School