Grant Application Form/Instructions for Teachers & Building Administrators


SH Public Schools Foundation GRANT Application



Teachers: Please fill out the application in detail and bring it to your principal. The more detail, the more your chance in obtaining a grant. Your school’s Principal will review the grant application and pass it along to the Superintendent. Any application that is not complete will be returned to its originator.

Building Administrators: You can also apply for grants for your schools. Current S.T.E.M. grants are available only through your request. When completed in detail, forward the application to the Superintendent for review.

Superintendent: The Superintendent will review all grant applications for completeness and relevance to bringing improvements according to the strategic plan. The Superintendent will pass along the application to the Foundation for their final decision.

*The Grant Awards encompass the following areas:

  1. Innovative Academics
  2. Arts & Music
  3. Technology
  4. Professional Team Development
  5. STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Math)
  6. Project Based Learning